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Types of Indian Jewellery

What Are the Types of Indian Jewellery?

The most excellent path received by Indian woman to beautify herself is Indian Jewelry. It has the prevailing spot in the life of woman of India. These adornments are comprised of silver, gold and diamond. It speaks to the power, status and wealth of the person. Indian wedding saris are deficient without them. It adds to the magnificence of Indian wedding saris. It likewise represents our culture. Presently we will manage the sorts of adornments worn by ladies of India.

  • Maang Tika

    maang tika
    Maang Tikka

A chain, pendant and hook are joined to frame maang tika. It is worn on the head of women of India by joining its snare in their hairs. It is particularly intended to enhance the brow of the Indian lady of the hour keeping in mind the end goal to make her look beautiful.


  • Nose Ring

It is an adornment of wedded women in India which is worn in the nose. A gap is penetrated into the nose and after that nose ring is embedded into the gap of the nose. The make-up of a lady is not thought to be finished without nose ring.

  • Earrings

Earrings are worn in the ears by penetrating holes into them. Both wedded and unmarried ladies are the bearers of the studs. They decorate the ears according to the coordinating dresses. They are the piece of every single kind of event within our nation.

  • Necklace

The necklace is tied around the neck of ladies. If we wear neckband of stones, then it is a conviction that we can tie ourselves by the everlasting forces of stones. In antiquated circumstances, it was intended to convey the good fortunes and to give protection from the stink eye.

  • Bangles

Bangles are intended to decorate our hands. They are available in an assortment of colors. They are comprised of glass, metal, gold and silver. They are named as shagun of our nation’s hitched ladies. They are moderate by every last kind of woman whether rich or poor.

  • Toe ring

Toe rings are worn on the fingers of legs. They are additionally the shagun of hitched women of our nation. The toe ring which is comprised of silver is useful for the well being of women as silver ingests energy from earth and exchange it to her body.

  • Ring

The ring is an indication of connection which is embedded around the center finger of the young ladies or women. It turns into the decoration of a woman at the season of engagement. It is also given as a blessing in order to empower the relation. In Christians, it is offered to the bride at the time of marriage.

  • Mangal Sutra

Mangal Sutra is an accessory made up of dark pearls. It is given by the spouse to the bride at the time of marriage. It shields the spouse of woman from the hostile stare. It is additionally the shagun of hitched women.

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